There are 2 levels to online booking in Practice Master Pro

  1. Online calendar access for practitioners (requires login)
  2. Public access to calendar for online patient bookings
You can give your practitioners access to their calendar online without allowing patients to book their own visits. You can also go a step further if you wish and allow access to a public calendar. You can link to this from your own website and patients can use to book their own visits online.


1. Online Calendar Access For Practitioners

Practitioners will automatically gain access to their calendar online through the Notes Online website which is enabled as part of the Cloud Features in Practice Master Pro.

Step 1
Open the administration screen 'Administration/Cloud Features' and click on the 'Enable Cloud Features' box.

Enable Cloud Features to keep your data synchronised with the practice via the cloud

Allowing practitioners to access their calendar online

When you enable 'Cloud Features' and click 'Save' you may need to wait several minutes for your data to sync up with the Cloud. A progress indicator will appear in the bottom left of the application while the sync is in progress. Please leave the application open and wait for the sync to complete.

Step 2
There are some options on the 'Online Booking' tab which may be useful for your practice. If you have a logo you may want to link to it so it appears on your online booking page on the web. You may also want to display your practice name there and a description of the services you provide.

Allowing practitioners to access their calendar online

Step 3
You can go to the 'Notes Online' website to log in using your normal Practice Master Pro credentials to access your calendar information online:

Accessing your online calendar

Step 4
When you click through to the calendar you can see your booked visits. You can click the 'Book Appointment' link in 'Step 3' to book a new appointment, or you can click an existing appointment to view the details or edit them.

The practitioners view of the online calendar

Step 5
When you click an appointment (or click the 'Book Appointment' link to create a new one) you can edit the details in the 'New Appointment' window.

Appointment details - booking a new appointment or editing an existing patient booking


2.Public Access To The Calendar - Online Patient Bookings

Step 1
Open the administration screen 'Administration/Practice Details' and click on the 'Online Booking' tab then tick the 'Allow Patients To Book Online' box.

Allowing patients to book their own appointments online

Step 2
You can link to the online patient booking page from your own website if you wish using the 'Online Booking URL'. You can also click on the 'View Online' link to view the online patient calendar if you wish.

You can link to the online booking page from your own website

Step 3
When patients go to book online they will visit the public calendar. This view of the calendar shows them availabilities which they can click on to book.

The patients view of the calendar shows available appointments which they can book


Online Practitioner Details & Calendar Settings

You can customise the appearance of the calendar for your patients. You can do the following:

  • Add a description and picture of yourself to help your patients decide who to book with
  • Show a maximum number of availabilities per day
  • Set different 'Appointment Types' which can be various durations and price etc.
  • Fix offered bookings to certain times (on the hour/half hour/15 minute intervals etc)
  • Set a room for specific treatment types (can allow you to offer multiple simultaneous bookings and offset their start times)
  • Set available work times to limit offered appointments

Step 1
Open the administration menu and click 'Administration/User Details', double click the user in the list you want to customise. If you are a practitioner and you want patients to be able to book appointments with you online then click on the 'Online Details' tab then tick the box 'Allow Patients To Book Online With Me'. Then your name will appear in the 'Step 1. Practitioner' list for the patient to select from in the online booking web page.

If you are a practitioner you can allow patients to book online with you

The screen above lets you modify the following settings too:

  • 'Max Offered Sessions Per Day' - you may want to offer a limited number of appointments so your calendar doesn't look empty when your patients come to book
  • 'Prevent Booking Within' - lets you restrict the time of the first offered appointment
  • 'Online Url To A Picture Of Myself' - lets you include a picture of yourself (possibly hosted on your own website)
  • 'Introductory Text About Myself' - lets you include some descriptive text to help your patients decide when multiple practitioners are offered

Step 2
On the 'Appointment Types' tab click the 'Add' button to add your own appointment types. The information you add here will appear in the 'Step 2. Appointment Type' list for the patient to select from in the online booking web page.

Adding appointment types with different durations and prices

Step 3
If you click on the 'Work Hours' tab you set your hours per day. Click the 'Edit' button to set your hours.

Setting your work hours

Step 4
When you enter your work hours you can also assign any 'Appointment Types' you want offered online during those hours. In this way you can separate appointments for different locations on different days. You can also stagger appointment type start times to allow multiple similtanous bookings.

If you do not want to use Online Booking then you can use these screens to just set your work hours. 'Appointment Types' only effect appointments offered online. You do not need to select any 'Appointment Types' when you set your hours.

Linking appointment types to work hours