This page shows some videos of the main features in Practice Master Pro.

The videos each run for around 4-7 minutes so can give a quick overview of the features in action.

Please note that Practice Master Pro is being continually updated. If there are features described on the website that are not reflected in the videos you might like to arrange a free online demo to see them in action.

Introduction Overview

This video contains:

  • An introduction to the main features of Practice Master Pro
  • Patient Management & taking patient notes
  • Documents & letters and document generation
  • The email system and email integration
  • Using the calendar and booking patient visits
  • Customisation
  • Accounting & invoicing
  • Online booking
  • Cloud access

Patient Notes

This video contains:

  • Creating patient visits
  • Using patient notes templates
  • Taking patient notes
  • Creating diagrams / patient handouts / using special tabs
  • Comparing previous sets of notes
  • Copying in previous notes to save time

Integrated Email

This video contains:

  • Multiple mailboxes (email addresses) and quick switching
  • Navigating the email suite
  • Patient/contact matching and integration
  • Attachments integration with Documents & Letters
  • Full correspondence view of sent and received mails
  • Email templates & merge fields
  • Accounts integration
  • Documents & letters integration

Accounting & Invoicing

This video contains:

  • Creating billable items
  • Shared and private billable items
  • Setting Medicare and Health fund codes (Australia only)
  • Different invoice types - ad-hoc, patient, visit, contact and composite invoices
  • Calendar integration and account indicators
  • Creating and editing invoices
  • Creating and editing payments
  • Email integration
  • Editing invoice templates using Word
  • Creating child invoices

Calendar & Diary

This video contains:

  • Creating patient visits and standard (non-patient) appointments
  • Application integrations - accounts, email, patient notes etc
  • Appointment types
  • Custom colours and custom highlight colours
  • Multi-practitioner views - side by side or all in one
  • Using 'Availability View' to find vacant slots
  • Creating a custom right-click menu for your shortcuts

Documents & Document Generation

This video contains:

  • Adding and removing files in the patient record
  • Email integration
  • Generating merged documents from your own custom Word templates
  • Using spreadsheets in the Documents & Letters tab

Online Booking

This video contains:

  • Using 'Appointment Types' to help patients book a service
  • Offering specific appointment types on specific days/hours
  • Customising the public online booking calendar
  • Using the optional fully hosted calendar
  • Hosting the calendar in a page on your own website
  • Customising the public online booking calendar with practitioner details and photos

Online Intake Form

This video contains:

  • Enabling the online intake form
  • Showing the intake form results on the patient record and/or your patient notes forms
  • Creating and editing the intake form questions
  • Question types - text, tick box, custom list, multiple choice etc
  • Using the intake form - emailing to clients to fill in at home, or allowing access in the practice
  • Customising the email template used when emailing the intake form url

Cloud Access

This video contains:

  • Enabling the online features and synchronising your data to/from the cloud
  • Controlling online access for your practitioners
  • Different types of online access - 'Notes Online' for smartphone/iPad or direct cloud connection for your client PC app
  • Direct cloud access - features available
  • Notes Online - tour of patients, notes and calendar

Inventory Management

This video contains:

  • Creating simple inventory controlled billable items
  • Setting stock controlled items expiry details
  • Setting stock level or expiry alerts
  • Creating mixtures/packs of other inventory controlled items
  • Using the 'Expiration Report'
  • Using the 'Low Stock Report'
  • Using the 'Full Inventory Report' to help reconcile current stock levels


This video contains:

  • Creating prescriptions from the patient record
  • Setting details like dose, frequency, duration and instructions
  • Editing the Word template used for prescriptions
  • Accounts integration - prescription items automatically appear on invoices
  • Dispensary View - a breakdown to help your dispensary prepare prescriptions for your patients
  • Using the Prescriptions special tab in your patient notes

Booking Confirmations and Email & SMS Reminders

This video contains:

  • Editing the booking confirmation email and using merge fields
  • Setting booking confirmation triggers - online booking, desktop app booking, notes online etc
  • Setting booking confirmations for patients and/or practitioners
  • Editing email visit reminder settings
  • Editing the visit reminder email
  • Creating and editing your SMS account details
  • Editing the SMS reminder message
  • Options for handling SMS responses
  • Accepting responses of YES or NO from patients and automatically updating the calendar with the result
  • Calendar integration for SMS responses