Patient Management Software

Practice Master Pro keeps all your patients close to hand. There are multiple search options to help you find your patients quickly and a summary view lets you get to their important details without needing to open the full patient record.

Patient management software

SMS  &  Email Reminders

Save time and money by sending out automated visit reminders to your patients. A simple reminder will result in less "Did Not Attend's" and less wasted time for your practitioners. Easy to set up and configure to work within the requirements of your practice.

We do not sell you your SMS credits. In fact, you manage your SMS account directly with the provider so you get the full benefit from bulk purchases. We are a transparent company and have no hidden costs whatsoever.

SMS & email reminders

View Full Correspondence

Your patient record contains a 'Correspondence' tab which shows a full list in date order of emails sent and received through Practice Master. You can use the Correspondence tab like a mini inbox just for this patient.

The Correspondence tab works even if you have multiple email addresses associated with the patient.

View full correspondence of emails sent and received through Practice Master Pro

Documents  &  Letters

Attach important documents, letters and scans such as X-Rays to your patient's record. Any type of file can be attached, from Word Docs to images. Simply double-click the file to open it at any time. There are integrated right-click email features built in to the application too so you can simply right click a patient document to email it as an attachment.

Two Way Referrals

You can refer a patient to a contact using a simple right-click. When you view the referrals on the patient's record you can see all the contacts you have referred the patient to.

As the referral process is two way you can also right click a contact in the system and refer a patient to them. When you view the referrals on the contact's record you can see all the patients that have been referred to that contact.