Medical Document Generation

Practice Master Pro automatically generates your medical documents for you using templates you design yourself in Microsoft Word. You can right click patients or contacts to automatically fill them with the required data to create professional medical documents and letters.

Design Templates In Word

Create your document templates using Microsoft Word for professional results. Use all the features and techniques in Word you are familiar with including images, watermarks, headers and footers.

Create professional document templates using Microsoft Word

Right Click Document Generation

Associate your document templates with any combination of Patient/Contact/Visit so you can generate your documents when you right click them. The generated documents are stored in the records of the Patient/Contact/Visit and can be edited or emailed as attachments with a right-click.

Generate professional documents with a simple right-click

Microsoft Word Integration

Practice Master Pro's document generation features integrate with Microsoft Word on custom tabs inside Word itself. The extensions give you access to all the bindable fields you can introduce in to your templates which get replaced with your live data when you generate the documents.

Practice Master features are integrated in to Microsoft Word iteself

Consistent Design Experience

All the document templates in Practice Master Pro are created the same way, whether they are Document Templates, Invoice Templates or Patient Handouts, and they are all populated with data automatically when the documents are generated for you.