Full Email Suite

Practice Master Pro has a built in email suite with Inbox, Outbox, Sent Mail and Deleted Messages. Quick search and filtering means you can find your emails quickly and new messages are automatically downloaded for you.

The email features are fully integrated throughout the application with right-click shortcuts to open email windows and fully populated email templates from patient records, patient notes, calendar appointments and even invoices.

Practice Master Pro's full email suite

Fully Integrated

As emails can be automatically matched to your patients and contacts you have full access to right-click menus right from the inbox or message itself. This means you can open the patient notes, accounts or book their next visit all while reading your messages.

Integration is one of the many reasons Practice Master Pro can help save you time and reduce your workload.

Email is fully integrated throughout Practice Master Pro

View Full Correspondence

The patient and contact record's both contain a Correspondence tab which shows a full history of emails sent and received through Practice Master Pro. The Correspondence tab is like a mini inbox just for the selected patient/contact.

As emails are automatically matched to patients and contacts in the system you can view the full correspondence by right clicking the email in the inbox or by using the Actions button while reading the email itself.

Correspondence view lets you see all emails sent and received through Practice Master Pro

Full Email Templates

Create your own pre-defined email messages and then right click Patients or Contacts to create emails with their address, subject and a message filled out and with any files automatically attached all ready to send.

For example, you could create a 'Welcome' email to send to new patients with some information about opening hours and a PDF brochure about the practice already attached. Then you can email it to new patients with a simple right-click.

The right-click menus appear when any item linked to a patient or contact is right-clicked including appointments on the calendar and even invoices.

Full email templates with attachments including bindable data fields

Multiple Mailboxes

You can add multiple mailboxes to Practice Master Pro. For example, add 'ben@mypractice.com' and 'info@mypractice.com' and switch between them instantly. This makes managing all the email addresses at your practice a breeze. You can set it up to work with your current POP3 domain account or even web email such as Gmail, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo etc.

Because your emails for each mailbox are automatically downloaded for you you'll never have to log in/out of a web-based email account again!

Switch quickly between your mailboxes

Access Emails While Offline

Because Practice Master Pro downloads your emails to your computer you have full access to all your emails which have been sent and received through the app as well as their attachments even when fully offline.