Licenses  &  Pricing

Practice Master Pro is suitable for deployment right across your practice, from reception and front desk users right through to administrators and practitioners. Practice Master Pro is licensed per user per year. Each user who logs in to the system requires a valid license.

The prices shown are in AUD - not your currency? Please visit one of our regional sites by clicking a flag below:

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Description Price
Installation and setup Free of charge
Help & support for the duration of your license Free of charge


Package Number of Licenses Price (10% GST applies in Australia)
Sole Practitioner 1 $35 monthly / $350 annual
Small Team 2 $60 monthly / $600 annual
Medium Team 3 $80 monthly / $800 annual
Large Team 5 $100 monthly / $1000 annual
Small Practice 8 $150 monthly / $1500 annual
Medium Practice 12 $200 monthly / $2000 annual
Large Practice 25 $300 monthly / $3000 annual


Questions or specific requirements - please contact us.

If you would like to purchase a license please contact us using the form.

Student Or Recently Graduated?

We offer students a free license to use Practice Master Pro while you study.

And to help you get on our feet once you graduate we offer a 50% discount on your first year's license.

Discounts apply for students and those recently graduated

Want To Be An Affiliate?

We offer a generous 50-50-50 affiliate scheme. We pay you an amount each year for 3 years. The first amount is 50% of the total invoice amount for the practice. The second amount is 50% of the first amount. Then the third amount is 50% of the second amount.

Those amounts translate to:
50% first year
25% second year
12.5% third year

Terms and conditions apply, please Contact Us for more information and to register.

Referral Bonus

If you are already using the software and refer a practice to us we will automatically apply the affiliate scheme to your own invoice.

This means you can easily reduce your own invoice to zero and even receive money instead of an invoice!