Practice Master Pro

Practice Master Pro is a practice management system for medical and healthcare practices. It contains customisable patient notes, patient invoicing and reports, automatic document generation and fully integrated email.

It is desktop based so your data remains encrypted on your computers giving you full access even while offline. You can use the cloud to automatically sync your computers while away from the practice.

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Some other features include:

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Practice Management

There are several features required when managing a modern practice. From managing your practitioners access at the practice or from home right through to your online presence and online patient booking.

  • Online Booking

    Online Booking

  • SMS & Email Reminders

    SMS & Email Reminders

  • Suitable for Multi-Disciplinary Practices


Other practice management features include:

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Patient Notes

You can create as many questionnaires for your patient notes as you need. You can use your own custom lists and multiple choice questions to make note taking faster as well as using built in features like diagrams to involve your patient in the process. This makes the computer less of a barrier between you and your patient.

  • Suitable for Multi-Disciplinary Practices


  • Create custom forms with your own lists/multiple choice questions

    Customisable Forms

  • Create professional quality handouts for your patients


Other patient notes features include:

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Patient Management

Managing your patients is critical to the smooth running of any practice. Patient correspondence is easy with the integrated email 'Correspondence' tab and you can easily attach patient files (scans, pdf's, Word docs etc) through the patient record.

Manage all of your patient details in the patient record

Other patient management features include:

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Fully Integrated Email

Communication is key in any healthcare practice. With integrated email at the core of the system you can view full correspondence for any patient or contact with a simple right-click. Automatic email matching means you can right click emails and open patient notes, book visits or view accounts right from the inbox or message itself.

  • Full email suite with inbox, outbox, sent and deleted emails

    Email Suite

  • View the full email correspondence (history of sent/received emails)

    View Full Correspondence

  • Email is fully integrated throughout the entire application

    Full Integration

Other email features include:

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Accounts  &  Billing

With accounts and invoicing built in you can generate invoices from your patients, patient notes or even by right clicking appointments on the calendar itself. Bill to the patient, a parent or primary carer and even third parties.

  • Colour coded invoice management

    Invoice Management

  • Generate professional quality invoices using Word

    Professional Invoices

Other accounting & invoicing features include:

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Document Generation

With templates created in Microsoft Word you can generate professional documents with a simple right click. Some examples include letters to GP's or other practitioners, insurance letters, referrals and much more.

  • Create professional quality document templates using Microsoft Word

    Create Professional Medical Documents

  • Generate your documents using right-click shortcut menus

    Easy Right-Click Document Generation

Other document generation features include:

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Disciplines  &  Modalities

With customisable patient notes and billing Practice Master Pro can be used by practitioners of any modality. It can even be used my multiple modalities simultaneously in the same practice.

Some of the features that make Practice Master Pro suitable for use across multiple disciplines  &  modalities are:

  • Built-in patient notes templates for multiple disciplines 'out of the box'
  • Customise or create your own patient notes templates from scratch
  • Patient notes from different disciplines sit side-by-side in the patient history
  • Create custom fields against patients
  • Customisable patient handouts
  • Shared billable items for common practice-wide invoicing
  • Private billable items for discipline-specific invoicing

Practice Master Pro is very well suited to (among others):