How To Create A New Patient

Step 1
Click on the Patient Notes main tab in the application and click on the 'New Patient' button in the middle of the screen.

Creating a new patient

Step 2
Fill out the patients details in the form.
Note: the only mandatory fields are First Name, Surname and DOB.

The new patient form

Step 3
The contact details Address/Telephone/Email will become the patient's Primary contact details when the patient is saved.


How To Edit An Existing Patient

When entering patient details it is important to know the significance of the Primary indicator. Details marked as Primary are the ones that will be used when using the document generation features and for other operations in the system. For example, if multiple addresses exist for a patient then their Primary one will be used in generated documents. Likewise, when a patient is right clicked and the 'Send Email' menu is clicked it will be their Primary email address that gets used.

Step 1
Click on the Patient Notes main tab in the application and click on a patient in the list. The 'Edit Patient' button will become enabled and you can click it to open the patient's details.

Editing a patient

Step 2
The patient's details screen opens which gives you access to:

  • the patient's important information
  • mulitple sets of details for Email, Telephone, Address
  • documents & letters which have been saved against the patient (or dragged in)
  • referral history - a list of practitioners the patient has been referred to
  • the patient's account history - all their invoices in date order

The patient details screen