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This page shows some videos of the main features in Practice Master Pro. The videos each run for around 4-7 minutes so can give a quick overview of the features in action. After watching some of the videos you might like to book a free online demo or you can jump straight in to the free trial to evaluate the software for yourself.


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There are lots of videos built in to the software itself. If you install the trial you will find tutorial videos under the help menu and videos helping you set up the features too. Each video usually runs for 4-7 minutes so are bite sized and will get you up and running quickly.


Remember that all help and support is free of charge for the duration of your license and this includes your free trial period.

Introduction Overview

This video contains:

  • An introduction to the main features of Practice Master Pro
  • Patient Management & taking patient notes
  • Documents & letters and document generation
  • The email system and email integration
  • Using the calendar and booking patient visits
  • Customisation
  • Accounting & invoicing
  • Online booking
  • Cloud access

Practice Management

This video contains:

  • Accessing patients
  • The calendar and calendar views
  • Side-by-side view
  • Availability view
  • All-in-one view
  • Reminders
  • The inventory
  • Email integration

Patient Notes

This video contains:

  • Creating patient visits
  • Using patient notes templates
  • Taking patient notes
  • Creating diagrams / patient handouts / using special tabs
  • Comparing previous sets of notes
  • Copying in previous notes to save time

Patient Management

This video contains:

  • Customisation
  • Documents & letters
  • Patient accounts
  • Patient correspondence - email integration
  • Prescriptions
  • Calendar & bookings
  • Group bookings
  • Online features

Integrated Email

This video contains:

  • Multiple mailboxes (email addresses) and quick switching
  • Navigating the email suite
  • Patient/contact matching and integration
  • Attachments integration with Documents & Letters
  • Full correspondence view of sent and received mails
  • Email templates & merge fields
  • Accounts integration
  • Documents & letters integration

Online Features

This video contains:

  • Patient online booking
  • Online booking calendar
  • Online booking wizards
  • Notes online - browser based practitioner access
  • Connect to cloud - full remote desktop app access
  • Reliability and up-to-the-minute backup


This video contains:

  • Creating video meetings
  • Sending meeting links to patients
  • Starting and running video calls
  • Accessing notes/accounts/patient records etc during video calls

Accounting & Invoicing

This video contains:

  • Colour coded invoices
  • Searching and filtering
  • Shortcuts and menu customisation
  • Workflow integrations
  • Patient integration
  • Patient notes integration
  • Email integration
  • Design invoice templates in Word
  • Inventory

Documents & Document Generation

This video contains:

  • Adding and removing files in the patient record
  • Email integration
  • Generating merged documents from your own custom Word templates
  • Using spreadsheets in the Documents & Letters tab