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Practice Master Pro provide software which can be perfectly tailored to your physiotherapy practice. A combination of customisable patient forms and printable patient handouts gives you everything you need to focus on the rehabilitation of your patient.


This page shows how the features of Practice Master Pro work particularly well for a Physiotherapy practice.

Please feel free to explore these and other features in more detail using the menus at the top of the screen, or watch some of the videos, for a more complete picture of Practice Master Pro.



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Practice Master Pro - physiotherapy clinic software

Customisable Patient Forms

The Practice Master Pro software system lets you create custom forms perfect for your physiotherapy clinic. You can easily set up pages to record coordination and dexterity, gait and balance, range of motion etc. and if you need any pre-defined answers or custom lists to help speed up your note taking you can do that too. You can attach any file types to your patient's record which includes any X-Ray, MRI or ultrasound images.


You can read more about our customisable patient notes here.

The physiotherapist patient notes template open in the software

Professional Diagrams

Add multiple high-quality informative diagrams to your patient notes with our streamlined diagram editor. Easily annotate the diagrams to give a quick overview of the complaint during review. You can annotate any of the built-in backgrounds or add your own to suit your physiotherapy practice.


The computer can sometimes be a barrier between patient and practitioner. Getting your patients to help you annotate and mark on the diagrams is a great way to include them in the note taking process.

Using diagrams in the physiotherapy notes

Aid Rehabilitation With Exercise Handouts

During your patient's visit you may wish to discuss exercises they can perform post treatment to help them with their rehabilitation. You can create your own exercises in the software and quickly add them to a handout which is stored against your patient's visit. You can print or email your handout directly to your patient all with a single click.


You can also use Document Templates to provide static info sheets for your patients. Document templates are high-quality professional handouts that you can print or email straight to your patient. They are well suited to more general information like managing back pain, or improving posture at work etc.


You can read more about our document generation and templating features on the documents & templates page.

Helping patients rehabilitate with professional custom handouts generated by the physio

Custom Charts & Formulas

Practice Master lets you embed your own custom charts in to your patient notes templates. Track any data items you like across multiple treatments and see visually how progress is tracking for your patients. Excellent for tracking your patient's rehabilitation over time.


If you like to process your data items then you can make use of custom formulas. You can include them right in your patient notes templates as usual and use the results to draw conclusions for your patients.


All charts and formulas can be created as templates inside your patient notes so they can easily be added to any patients in your system.

Custom charts in the physiotherapy template tracking patient's key data points

Practice Level Features

If you work in a busy multi-practitioner clinic with reception staff then you can certainly benefit from Practice Master Pro's enterprise grade practice management software.


Please note: the features below are described in greater detail on the other pages in the site and are accessible from the "Features" menu at the top of the screen. You can also see some of these features in action on the 'videos' page.



Benefits Over Our Competitors

Practice Master Pro gives you all the cloud features you get with our "cloud only" competitors but we also give you full Windows desktop software and a local practice database that syncs to the cloud as well.


The benefits of having desktop software combined with website acess, over just having website only access, are huge. These are just a few of the benefits we have over our competitors: