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The Practice Master Pro software system can be customised to fit in perfectly with your massage therapy practice. Manage everything from your patient notes to your accounts and billing - and with fully integrated email your patient correspondence is effortless too.


This page shows how the features of Practice Master Pro work particularly well for a Massage Therapy practice.

Please feel free to explore these and other features in more detail using the menus at the top of the screen, or watch some of the videos, for a more complete picture of Practice Master Pro.



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Practice Master Pro - Massage Therapy clinic software

Customisable Patient Forms

You can use basic SOAP notes for taking the patient notes in your massage therapy clinic, or you can create something more suited to your particular style of note taking. You can use templates in Practice Master Pro for specific conditions, or, you can create templates for pregnancy, sports injury or children to tailor your notes for the patient or condition presented.


You can take advantage of the multiple question types in the software to help speed up your note taking, especially if you are not a fast typist. Use question formats like lists or multiple choice so you can just tick your way down the page, or use pre-defined text answers to add in blocks of text you can quickly edit.


You can read more about our patient notes software here.

The massage therapist patient notes template open in the application

Professional Diagrams

You can use the diagram features in the patient notes area to take your notes in a more visual fashion. You can add in your own diagram backgrounds, including McGill pain questionnaires, then draw and annotate quickly over the top.


Diagrams can be a great way to remove the 'barrier' that the computer can become between you and your patient during your sessions. You can involve the patient in the note taking process as they can offer advice and pointers as you highlight and annotate areas on the diagrams together.

The diagrams tab open in the massage therapy patient notes

Patient Handouts

If you feel your patients may need to perform some exercises or stretches in between treatments to help with recovery then you can take advantage of the built-in patient handouts. You can compose your exercises and stretches ad-hoc during your treatment and print or email it straight to your patient.


You can also take advantage of the document template features in your massage therapy software to give your patients pre-formatted 'info sheets' to take away with them. The document templates contain more static information than the highly customisable patient handouts but can contain very useful information for dealing with common issues like back pain, stretches for over 50's etc.


You can read more about the document & template features here.

The patient's handout created by the massage therapist in the software

Gift Certificates & Packages

If your massage therapy practice lets your patients purchase gift certificates or pre-paid packages then you can take advantage of the full support in the software. You can generate professional print quality certificates for your patients and print them or email straight to the recipients.


We have full support for managing gift certificates and packages across multiple modalities in your massage therapy practice and even if your practice is made up of independent businesses working in a co-operative wholistic setting.


You can issue pre-paid packages through Practice Master too and easily keep track of how many treatments have been used so far in their package.


You can read more about our practice management features here.

Practice Level Features

If you work in a busy multi-practitioner clinic with reception staff then you can certainly benefit from Practice Master Pro's enterprise grade practice management software.


Please note: the features below are described in greater detail on the other pages in the site and are accessible from the "Features" menu at the top of the screen. You can also see some of these features in action on the 'videos' page.



Benefits Over Our Competitors

Practice Master Pro gives you all the cloud features you get with our "cloud only" competitors but we also give you full Windows desktop software and a local practice database that syncs to the cloud as well.


The benefits of having desktop software combined with website acess, over just having website only access, are huge. These are just a few of the benefits we have over our competitors: